About us


 “We envision a peaceful and gender just society where everyone, regardless of identity, can reach their full potential to live in Dignity and free from violence”.


SWATANTRA envisions a just and equitable world, where all people have the freedom and the right to determine their lives and future. We envision forms of transgender human rights which are non-exploitative, where decision making is democratized, and access to and benefits of human rights are equitably distributed. SWATANTRA believes in the capacity of individuals and communities to actual their potential for the well-being of society.

 SWATANTRA mission to strengthen the LGBTQI Leadership and create a national network of LGBTQI activists to work on our rights. A self-sufficient and capable network is very important to securing the rights of sexuality, and this is what we work towards.


  • Justice 
  • Equity
  • People centered
  • Movement centered activism,
  • Democratization
  • Dialogue

Swatantra was formed in September 2016, the representation of the organization responsibility person/trustees are from different identity of the sexual minority. The aim of the organization is to carry out certain public charitable objects and the purpose more fully herein described to be carried out throughout the state of Karnataka, throughout the territory of India and within any part thereof, in order to empower sexual minorities; strengthen the voice of sexual minorities in articulation of civil and constitutional rights; further advocacy, policy formation, research, documentation, and to strengthen the agenda of sexual minorities in social, economical, and political spheres.

GOVERNANCE:  SWATANTRA adopts strong principles of working with collective leadership, lots of autonomy, but also high levels of peer accountability, transparency and communication.

Swatantra is governed by a General Body which currently they represent 5 board members of trustees from different divers back ground so they can represent there different identity from Jogappa, Gay men, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual and Female to Male with out excluding and with inclusive voice.  (Over all the Institution, program and Finances)

* The Managing Committee  3 members of Swatantra (Program and Finances)

  1. Manageing Trustee/ president – Siddamma alias Siddappa Jogappa
  2. Director/ Secretary : M Suman (Sana) Trans Women
  3. Treasurer:  Aavinash F2M

* Advisory Committee Members of Swatantra (Institution, program and Finance) from the back ground of 1. Law – Lawyer, 2.  Psychologist, LGBT Activist 3.  Working for Children rights 4. Advisory Gay rights Activist 5. Women Empowerment activist 

* Peer committee from community members who look on Program and finances Audit evaluations. 1. Rakshitha Trans women  2. Nithyananda Gay rights Activist 


  1. Director
  2. Community Field Coordinator
  3. Community Field Mobilizer
  4. Admin/ Finances and Assistant 

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Interns and Volunteers: Please do post your concern working with Swatantra to :-

swatantrablr@gmail.com, sanasvoice@gmail.com

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Contact us :  swatantrablr@gmail.com, sanasvoice@gmail.com

  • Mobile: 7259572275